Many business owners are finding that customers will remain in their store longer if they are comfortable, because having a high comfort level is as satisfying as shopping!

In the case of retail and restaurant, the longer customers are in your building, the better the chances they will spend more money with you.  If it’s warmer or cooler in their cars, that’s where they’ll hurry to be.  Using Insul-Tech for spray foam insulation puts you in the right direction down this path.  As you can see, there are many ways that spray foam insulation pays for itself and even puts more money in your pocket.

Keep heating and cooling expenses down at your business by using spray foam insulation products over the cheaper, less effective alternatives.  Energy costs on average are cut by 40% when spray foam insulation is used.  You will need to have your HVAC system properly sized, which can save you even more money on your initial investment.  The spray foam insulation products we use are also ideal for steel frame construction as they prevent corrosion.

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