The Insul-Tech Spray Foam installation process is an interesting topic.  Its unique delivery method compliments its energy-saving and eco-friendly characteristics.
Spray foam insulation is applied in the wall cavities, above ceilings, or in the roof-line–in the same places as other insulation alternatives.  The advantage is that spray foam forms an air-tight seal preventing air flow from getting in or out.  This transfers into amazing energy savings for you!  
Some other advantages are as follows:

Advantage 1 – Strength

The 1.2 pound open cell version of this amazing product can actually strengthen your structure.  This product actually combines the characteristics of closed cell and open cell foams.  It adheres itself to the walls and studs creating a stronger bond between each part.

With our spray foam insulation, homes and buildings get the strengthening factor without the hollow-sounding “echo effect” created by closed cell foam.  And we do not have to spray the entire cavity full like the lower-weighted foam choices.

Only 2 to 2.5 inches provides the same or better R-value compared to 3.5 inches of the others.  There is virtually no waste and you get everything you pay for!


Advantage 2 – Health

Another advantage is when we apply our product, the spray foam actually eliminates the possibility of the root causes of mold growth and other pollutants.  Therefore, you have the peace of mind knowing that you are creating a much healthier environment for your family, employees, or customers.


Advantage 3 – Pest Control

Our product, because it works to fill the gaps and cracks as completely as possible, is a great preventative to rodents and pests.  When we are done, they simply cannot find any way in.

Let Insul-Tech provide you with a professional and thorough job to start saving money and living better today!  Call for a bid anytime.  We will come to your job site and answer any questions you have, and give you the best installation available anywhere in the Springfield area.